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Life insurance for Companies in Luxembourg

Cardif Lux Vie offers a range of insurance products designed for the specific requirements of companies based in Luxembourg.


The aim is to provide employees with satisfactory savings, retirement and provident solutions throughout their working life.

Offer your employees a supplementary pension insurance policy 

Taken out by an employer on behalf of its employees, group insurance offers savings and/or provident solutions to supplement Social Security (Caisse Nationale de Santé et Caisse de Pension). These supplementary pension schemes are now an integral part of the salary package for most of the people employed by companies in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.


What are the benefits for your company?

  • Keeps the lid on payroll costs, as no social contributions are due;
  • Employer premiums and the taxes (20.9%) that you pay with a supplementary pension scheme (operating costs) are deductible
  • Increases your attractiveness to prospective recruits; today’s employees are looking for these social benefits;
  • Conscious of this fringe benefit, employees are much easier to retain;
  • A clear demonstration of your commitment to your employees and their families in the event of misfortune (death or invalidity);

What are the benefits for your employees?

  • Investment flexibility to suit investor profiles. Flexible investment options for the retirement savings element. Working from a list of pre-selected investment funds, individual employees can style their investment to suit their personal risk profile (defensive, neutral or dynamic)
  • Tax exemption for Luxembourg residents. Whether payable at retirement age or in the event of death, supplementary pension scheme benefits are completely tax exempt for Luxembourg residents (the 20.9% withholding tax is paid by the Employer);
  • Option to make personal contributions to the supplementary pension scheme (personal contributions up to 1,200 EUR per year).
  • Financial, as group insurance delivers much more in net terms than a simple increase in gross salary.


Do not hesitate to contact Cardif Lux Vie if you have a question or complaint.

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