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Accessible life insurance: a priority for Cardif Lux Vie!

Our responsability

Accessible life insurance: a priority for Cardif Lux Vie! Green investment, promoting diversity, accountability – our commitments.

A committed insurer working for sustainable, responsible growth

Having a positive influence means acting in the interests of society, our clients and the environment. Our responsibility as an insurer has made us rethink our insurance model. Our objective: making a responsible approach a vital part of our DNA.


Responsible investment

Our management of the assets in our General Fund meets environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria. We apply both ESG and Carbon filters. This approach means that we invest with the companies with the best ratings for these criteria and for their efforts towards the energy transition.

In 2014, Cardif Lux Vie joined the fight against global warming by no longer investing in new funds linked to fossil fuel extraction.


Making our insurance more accessible

We are committed to making our life insurance solutions easy to understand and widening the eligibility conditions. We have set a number of objectives to achieve by 2020, including:

  • Re-draft our provident insurance documentation 100%, putting it into standard, simple and clear language
  • Incorporate CSR criteria (Corporate Social Responsibility) in the design of 100% of our new products and services
  • Revise 100% of our provident insurance solutions to make accessibility conditions more favourable to policyholders (right to be forgotten, restriction of exclusions)



An internal programme dedicated to CSR

Because our employees are our best ambassadors, they have the chance to run positive-impact initiatives within the Company. The programme implements collective proposals to help Cardif Lux Vie to evolve in its role as investor, insurer and socially responsible employer.

The introduction of teleworking, increasing our investment in green bonds, a complete ban on disposable plastic and the creation of the “100% Green” Collective Internal Fund are just a few of the initiatives considered.


Diversity, equality, responsibility

Reflecting Luxembourg and the diversity of its multicultural society, the Cardif Lux Vie work force spans 20 different nationalities. Cardif Lux Vie is making a commitment to them, encouraging diversity, promoting wellbeing at work and supporting them with their future career ambitions.

This commitment is mirrored in the figures: the management board is 45% women, we have signed the Lëtzebuerg Diversity Charter and over 1,000 hours of training were delivered in 2018.

Our favourite hashtags: #cestcommeçacheznous #ImpactPositif #Diversité