Build up equity

Life insurance is the ideal solution for protecting your loan, ensuring transfer and building up equity.

Building up equity

Want to make your money work for you? Whether you are a well-informed investor or are looking for secure savings, a number of solutions are available to you.

Regular savings for a comfortable future 

A life insurance policy enables you to accumulate a savings fund via scheduled/planned payments.
You decide on the frequency and level of insurance premiums and you have the option of surrendering your policy if you need to.
You can choose your beneficiaries and the supplementary benefits that will protect you and your loved ones in the event of misfortune.

Quentin, an employee working in Luxembourg, manages his budget very carefully. He can see that there is money left over at the end of each month to put into savings. He takes out a life insurance policy to build up equity for his family. In addition to making his money work for him, he can deduct the premiums from his tax return if he doesn’t surrender his policy within 10 years. He also enjoys additional protection through the death and invalidity benefits. 

Handy hint: your life insurance as personal loan cover
Marie buys her own home and covers her loan by taking out single-premium, Outstanding Balance Insurance (ASRD). She opts for a combination with savings and provident life insurance to reduce the cost of her single-premium ASRD by 15%. When her loan matures, Marie is delighted that she has been able to save regularly with her savings policy. Marie will have saved €2,000 on the total amount of her single premium, and will collect €10,000 when her savings insurance policy matures.*


Life insurance for combining savings and transfer

If your objective is to protect your assets, life insurance is one of the best solutions. You can opt for the investment vehicle(s) best suited to your profile, mixing them in the way you want: General Fund, Collective Internal Funds, SICAVs and even tailored management starting from a certain savings amount.

For a safe investment, the Cardif Lux Vie General Fund gives you guaranteed capital and a profit share that can be distributed annually.
When the policy matures, your assets are transferred to beneficiaries of your choice.

Cyril is conscious of today‘s environmental challenges, and is looking to make his capital work for him. He takes out a life insurance policy in which he spreads his investment across SRI funds, innovative funds and the Cardif Lux Vie General Fund. He knows that he can surrender at any time** and that, in the event of misfortune, his assets will be transferred to his son without a problem.


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