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Cardif Lux Vie offers tailored life insurance products! Portability, mobility, asset transfer: we have solutions for 18 different countries.

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As the regulatory and tax environment constantly changes, life insurance is one of the best solutions for asset structuring and inheritance planning.

Cardif Lux Vie is a top provider of life insurance in Luxembourg, offering customised solutions and collaborating with a wide network of prestigious partners and acknowledged professionals in financial management and private banking. Based on a comprehensive range of wealth structuring tools, our planning and asset transfer solutions are designed for your long-term future.


What needs are met by Luxembourg life insurance? 

If you are High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) or Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (UHNWI) in an international context, Cardif Lux Life offers a range of life insurance and capitalisation products tailored to your needs in terms of flexibility, portability and investment.

Luxembourg life insurance, a wealth management and estate planning tool, gives you access to several investment vehicles, depending on your financial and risk profile.

If you decide to settle in another country for personal or professional reasons, our products may be adapted under certain conditions to take into account the legal and tax environment of your new country of residence.

Finally, given the tax neutrality of Luxembourg, the products generated by your contract are taxed only in your country of residence.


Why bring in Cardif Lux Vie?

With its 30 years’ experience working with private banking clients, Cardif Lux Vie offers many benefits in terms of stability and expertise. A subsidiary of BNP Paribas, a solid, well-known and leading financial group. 

  • An extensive offering for the residents of 15 countries within Europe and outside the European Economic Area: France, Luxembourg, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Portugal, United Kingdom, Monaco, China, Israel, Singapore and more.
  • Teams of experts in a range of fields (legal, tax, investment) ensuring compliance with the rules applicable in each of these countries. 
  • The key role of our asset engineers, who have a panoramic perspective of the legislative frameworks. They complete the work carried out by the sales teams, supporting the intermediaries as they strive to find the best solutions to meet the most complex of situations and needs.
  • The creation of products that can be adapted in the event of a change in residence status.
  • A huge range of investment opportunities and flexible management options.
  • Multicultural operational teams comprised of close to 20 different nationalities.


What are the benefits of Luxembourg life insurance?

In short, Luxembourg life insurance offers 5 major benefits, which also guarantee the best possible environment for our existing clients:

  • Stable environment: Located at the heart of Europe, Luxembourg enjoys political, economic and social stability (excellent AAA sovereign rating).

  • Acknowledged expertise in Europe: The activities of Cardif Lux Vie fall within the European regulated framework for the freedom to provide services, which authorises EU residents to subscribe to a policy with a life insurance company established in another member state. Luxembourg insurers are acknowledged experts in this area, with wide knowledge of the legal, tax and supervisory rules in many European jurisdictions.
  • Investor protection: Clients of an insurance company in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg are covered by two schemes in place to protect their assets. The first of these is the “Triangle of Security”, according to which the depositing of the underlying assets in life insurance policies is covered by a three-way agreement signed by the Luxembourg insurance undertaking, the custodian bank and the CAA. This scheme guarantees the separation of the company's own assets from those that represent the company's obligations (segregated assets). The second is “Super Privilege” which means that, in the event of the insurer failing, the customer will enjoy the status of a first ranked creditor in relation to the segregated assets (underlying assets in life insurance policies).
  • Personalised wealth management solution: Life insurance is a tool that can be used for wealth management and inheritance planning. The policy offers a high level of flexibility in terms of the available investment options and scope for changes (international portability and adjustment in the event of change of residence status).
  • Tax treatment: Based on Luxembourg’s tax neutrality, the income generated from the life insurance policy will only be taxed in the customer’s country of residence.

What is an Internal Dedicated Fund?

Investing in an Internal Dedicated Fund within an insurance policy opens up access to discretionary management. The Fund’s financial manager manages the assets in line with the investment policy that you define in advance with your insurance intermediary, in accordance with Luxembourg rules. The assets of an Internal Dedicated Fund are deposited with a custodian bank appointed by the Company and approved by the Commissariat aux Assurances, in accordance with the rules applicable in Luxembourg. A variety of asset classes may be included in an Internal Dedicated Fund: UCI, bonds, stocks of listed companies, alternative funds, private equity, speciality funds. The specific nature of these securities requires an in-depth assessment prior to the acceptance of applications. The minimum amount that may be invested in an Internal Dedicated Fund is EUR 250,000.


What is the General Fund?

Managed out of Luxembourg, essentially composed of bond investments and also known as the Euro Fund, the Cardif Lux vie General Fund is a ring-fenced asset of the Company. Any payment made into the General Fund will benefit from a capital guarantee for the entire term of the investment, regardless of fluctuations on the financial markets.



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