Our insurance model delivers optimum asset and family protection management.

What we do

Our insurance model delivers optimum asset and family protection management.


Protect, save and invest with life insurance

Cardif Lux Vie is a Luxembourg life insurance company that looks after the interests of its policyholders as they go about their daily business. Our job: to protect them, their loved ones, their assets, their business and their future.


A distribution network in Luxembourg and overseas

In the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and the Greater Region, Cardif Lux Vie provides the bank insurance and broking sectors with savings, retirement and provident life insurance solutions for private individuals and professionals.

For wealthy clients operating in an international context, the Company develops insurance services and products as useful tools for structuring, protecting and passing on your assets, and they are available across an extensive network of prestige partners.


Taking out life insurance: the choice you make for your future

Our expertise lies in designing and managing life insurance policies in line with your objectives. Life insurance is designed to grow your assets and protect your loved ones. It can take a number of forms, the aim being to:

  • Protect your loved ones in the event of misfortune,
  • Build up and pass on your assets,
  • Plan for your retirement,
  • Insure your loans.

If you are a client residing in Luxembourg, our wide choice of solutions enable you to address the following 3 major preoccupations:

  • Insuring yourself- protect your loved ones,
  • Save to plan for your future or your retirement,
  • Invest to make your capital work for you.

And benefiting from special tax treatment as the case may be.

For private banking clients, our insurance solutions are the ideal tool for tailored asset structuring. Our insurance policies meet your requirements in 6 European countries and 12 countries outside the European Economic Area. To address mobility issues, the company assists its partners with making adaptations that might need to be made to your policy and evaluating any applicable tax consequences.

You enjoy numerous benefits when you choose a Cardif Lux Vie life insurance policy: great flexibility in terms of assets accepted and management options with a Dedicated Internal Fund, security via two asset protection mechanisms (“Security Triangle” and “Super Privilege”) and Luxembourg tax neutrality.
Supporting you over the long term is what matters to us most.


Why call on our expertise?

We are recognised for the quality of our financial, actuarial, legal and wealth management expertise. We have created an efficient and personalisable model drawing on a number of our strengths:

  • Analysis and understanding of your needs by experts in the fields of finance, asset management under international insurance law and asset engineering,
  • Innovative solutions and services,
  • Extensive distribution network of highly qualified professionals (brokers, private banks, financial institutions),
  • Solid financial base and membership of a top-tier international group,

You can also depend on our responsible and sustainable strategic approach, which now occupies a central position in our development plan.

For example, we are committed to developing the future of insurance in Luxembourg alongside local stakeholders, including the ACA (Association de Compagnies d’Assurance luxembourgeoises) and LFF (Luxembourg For Finance). We also sponsor the Sustainable Finance Forum and are very active in ACA working groups, ensuring that we are always able to anticipate and protect your interests in the best way. 


The numbers speak for themselves

The numbers reflect our company's robust and dynamic status.

  • 29,2 billion in managed assets,
  • Partnership with 315 financial managers and 125 depositary banks,
  • 6,600 Dedicated Internal Funds managed and 350 External Funds offered,
  • A General Fund of over 10 billion EUR in assets managed in Luxembourg,
  • Solutions for residents of 6 European countries and 9 countries outside the EEA (subject to conditions),
  • Over 300 staff working on your behalf in a multicultural environment spanning 20 different nationalities.